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5 year old home in Mt. Helen

Evidence of seepage in





Three of the concrete stumps in the wet sub-floor area are broken, this one is under bedroom 3.

There is a pool of water under bedroom 3 (sub-floor of bedroom 3). Pool of water, and previous higher water level mark is evident on brickwork (top of the 2nd row of bricks).

This has also caused cracking in the external foundation.

Down lights do not have protective shrouds; this is a fire hazard.

10 year old home in Ballarat Central:

I got down this opening!
(350 mm x 300 mm)

This is what I found!

Rotten chord of “hi-span” floor joist, and rotting F17 hardwood bearer.

Rotting sub-floor timbers due a total absence of sub-floor ventilation, combined with ground water seepage. All this during a drought!

11 year old home in Buninyong:

Water damage due to leaking shower door, viewed from the sub-floor space.

The offending shower screen (floor vinyl pulled back). Not much to indicate that there was a problem, except for moisture metre readings that were highly elevated in the floor and walls around the area (and a damp floor).
Incorrectly installed compressor for reverse-cycle heating/cooling unit. The unit is dripping water, causing subsidence in the ground.

50 year old home in Newington:

Damaged wire in roof space. Active copper wire exposed on right hand cord as shown.

Gap between bearer and stump, caused by subsidence (pictured below).
Subsidence of ground under the stump pictured above. Likely to have been caused by dampness in the ground due to an adjacent leaking down-pipe.
The offending down-pipe. Again, not much external evidence to indicate there is a problem….
Missing section of flashing, allowing water to penetrate into the roof timbers.

30 year old home in Wendouree:

Damaged wire in roof space, surrounded by combustible insulation material.

Dislodged roof tile, beginning to cause damage to the eave under, pictured below.
Mould growth on eave lining resulting from dislodged roof tile (pictured above).

35 year old home in Wendouree:

Crumbling roof tiles

60 year old home in Smythes Ck.

Broken sewer pipe under house.

110 year old home in Ballarat with 12 year old extension:

Older section of home in good condition, problems with the new section. Elevated moisture level recorded in laundry floor, found to be a leaking laundry pipe.

The floor is in very poor order with many cracked tiles. One loose floor tile was lifted, showing moisture in tile underlay as shown. This was confirmed in the sub-floor inspection. Masonite is not a recommended tile underlay material.

Sub-floor view of laundry leak (above)
Incompatible lead flashing used on a ziincalume roof. This was ommitted in an owner-builder inspection report conducted by another inspector, only two weeks earler.

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